1. The preferred armor pattern of Jagi’s Host.
  2. You could once hear Mozart from its speakers. Now, quiet as a grave.




  • Barbarian Rulers of western Europe after violent revolt against 13yr Roman oppression & slavery Independent Kingdom pre-Dark Ages
  • Once a peaceful farm people they fled the invading Hunt preventing themselves from becoming their slaves
  • The Goths joined the Roman Empire in hopes to survive
  • Visigoths emerged from the Gothic war. Goths were abused by Roman’s with famine forced slavery

  • This caused a 6 yr revolt that lead to the “Sack of Rome” and destruction of an entire army

Expanded info:

  • Visigoths were led by legendary leader Alaric which marked the decline of Rome
  • Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: Revolutionary rebellious classical music composer
  • He was literally “kicked in the arse” by the Archbishops steward after attempted resignation
  • Mozart composed many works in his last year before death.