• “Land eel” highly venomous snake Described as “shining in the dark” & cannibalistic Recorded as biting its victims even when dead
  • Highly venomous nocturnal small eyed snake, origin Papua New Guinea Suborder: Serpentes no known antivenom exits today
  • Its the only specimen of its genus and is a medically important snake

  • A villager reportedly killed an Ikaheka snake & then was bitten on the left thumb while showing its severed head to his neighbors

Expanded info:

  • Bill Haast herpetologist of famous Sepentarium was bitten by venomous snakes over 170 times more than any other known living human
  • Haast regularly injected himself with venom to build resistance to snake bites & donated his blood for antivenom
  • Haast reported never being sick a day in his life, attributed his youthful looks to venom & died at 100
  • Some people routinely still practice this discouraged technique and often report extreme highs with feelings of invinciblity


  • Baby snakes are born with all the necessary information to carry on its entire life cycle even the dose of poison needed to kill