“Ripship Pardoner”

In vacuum, fire flows like water.


Flavor text has Duel meanings

  • (Science) In space aka a vacuum fire is no longer bound by gravitational forces and will move or flow similar to a liquid
  • (Expression) “fire flows like water” “Fire Water” or Alcoholic drinks. It refers to alcoholic beverages being consumed and passed around so fast one would think its just water


Play on words

Ripship and “Ripshit”

  • Getting drunk or “pissed”
  • Angered and wound up
  • With extreme vigour and enthusiasm
  • High risk, and therefore the potential for adverse outcomes
  • Vision exceeds regard for due care and consideration

Pardoner and slang “Pardner” as in western colloquialism meaning Partner or friend

  • Someone capable of handing out forgiveness
  • Origin is from papal pardons or indulgences given out by religious leaders

Expanded info:


*Could mean one who is dangerous might get a pass from penalty if something where to go bad