Nothing Manacles


“The equation balance thus:”


  • Chemistry formula is written out starting with The Equation balance:
  • Comes from

“The law of conservation of mass”

  • Mass cannot be destroyed or created, yet it may be rearranged in space. You can transform however it must be balanced

Expanded info:

  • Example when light or physical work is transformed into particles that contribute the same mass to the system as the light or work had contributed.

The Greek philosophy of The Law of conservation of mass is titled

“Nothing comes from Nothing”

  • “But by observing Nature and her laws. And this will lay
    The warp out for us – her first principle: that nothing’s brought
    Forth by any supernatural power out of naught.
    For certainly all men are in the clutches of a dread –
    Beholding many things take place in heaven overhead
    Or here on earth whose causes they can’t fathom, they assign
    The explanation for these happenings to powers divine.
    Nothing can be made from nothing – once we see that’s so,
    Already we are on the way to what we want to know.”
  • “For if things were created out of nothing, any breed
    Could be born from any other; nothing would require a seed.
    People could pop out of the sea, the scaly tribes arise
    Out of the earth, and winged birds could hatch right from the skies.
    Born willy-nilly, every animal, both wild and tame,
    Would inhabit cultivated land and wilderness the same.
    The same tree would not always grow the same fruit – what might bear
    An apple one time, might, the next, produce a quince or pear.
    Since there would be no generating particles, then neither
    Would certain things arise from only a certain kind of mother.
    But since in fact each species rises from specific seeds,
    Each thing springs from the source that has the matter that it needs,
    The primary particles, and comes into the boundaries
    Of light, and that’s the reason every thing cannot give rise
    To every other thing, because there is a separate power
    In distinct things.”
    – Lucretius, De Rerum Natura