All matter is woven together in the same tapestry. Pull one thread and everything changes.


Flavor text:

  • Refers to the fabric of space and time being connected across matter
  • The idea that spacetime can be ripped apart and sewn together
  • Origin from several famous theories
  • Most notably Einstein’s theory of relativity
  • Combines general and special relativity. Explaining time and space as physicaly bound by gravitational forces


  • Essential agent of transformation in alchemy
  • Name given by ancient alchemists to Mercury, the animating spirit hidden in all matter that makes transmutation possible

Alchemists study of alchemy

  • to purify, mature, and perfect specific objects


  • Born from the transmutation of base metals.
    Crysopoeia: Attempt to make gold from base objects


  • The practice claimed to be successful therefore lead to the belief that it could be applied to healing. Many cultures held that this was the discovery behind the elixir of life and thus begins the Philosophers stone

Philosophers stone

  • Legendary substance that could turn any base metal into gold also grants immortality


  • The historic practice and heavily sought after philosophers stone is captured in the emblem and symbols used for alchemy.


Comprised of
Seven planetary metals

  • Gold, silver, copper, iron, tin, mercury and lead
  • Four base elements
    Air, earth, water, and fire
  • Three primes Triangle
    Spirit (Mercury), Body(salt) and Soul(sulfur)
  • Zodiac signs are used in Cryptography to decode processes in the Magnum Opus
    Word Chemistry is derived from alchemy