An ancient instrument of war, renewed and enhanced by Light, not unlike you.


Surname Means “Tail”

Alexei Khvostov

  • Was an opponent of Rasputin
  • Khvostov became Vice Governor and then Governor of Novgorod
  • When Pyotr Stolypin was murdered Alexei wanted to become minister, but Rasputin paid him a visit as an order of the Tsar “to look in his soul” and then decided he was too young to be appointed

Iliodor : lapsed hieromonk, charismatic preacher

  • He was an enfant terrible of the Russian Orthodox church, panslavist, and actor
  • Khvostov and Iliodor concocted a plan to kill Rasputin. Khvostov had come to the conclusion that Rasputin was a German spy or agent
  • The evidence was shaky that Rasputin actually worked for the German
  • Yet in his efforts to plot against Rasputin (and not becoming Prime Minister) Khvostov had to resign
  • After Boris Stürmer, his uncle Aleksandr Khvostov, became his successor.
    Khvostov was arrested and imprisoned in the Peter and Paul Fortress by the Russian Provisional Government during the February Revolution of 1917
  • In 1918, less than one year after the Bolsheviks seized power he was executed by firing squad in Petrovsky Park, Moscow

Expanded info:

    • Count Vladimir Kokovstov protested Alexei as well and ran opposed
    • Vladimir Kokovtsov (a Russian politician who served as the Prime Minister of Russia) asked the Tsar to authorize Rasputin’s exile to however the czar Nicholas refused
    • “I know Rasputin too well to believe all the tittle-tattle about him.”
    • Kokovtsov had offered Rasputin a substantial amount of money to leave for Siberia and ordered the newspapers not to mention his name in connection with the Empress.
  • The Tsar dismissed Kokovtsov on January 29, 1914 for a “lack of control over the press”


Historically notable Khvostovs

  • Alexander Khvostenko-Khvostov (1895–1967), Ukrainian avant-garde artist
  • Aleksandr Khvostov (1857–1922), Russian politician
  • Aleksey Khvostov (1872–1918), Russian statesman and politician
  • Dmitry Khvostov (1757–1835), Russian poet