“Dream Eater”

I think she’s hungry.



  • Known as the ‘dream eater’
  • Mythological being or spirit in Chinese and Japanese folklore
  • Devours nightmares
  • Cannot be summoned without caution
  • Ancient legends say that if the baku is not satisfied after consuming the nightmare, he may also devour one’s hopes and dreams.


  • Takes the form of a chimera – a mythological beast comprised of a variety of parts from other animals
  • The baku is typically depicted with a bear’s body, an elephant’s nose, a tiger’s feet, an oxen tail, and rhinoceros eyes
  • Legend states, the baku was created by the spare pieces that were left over when the gods finished creating all other animals

Expanded info:

  • Tales of the baku devouring nightmares originated in Chinese folklore, and later appeared in Japanese folklore between the 14th and 15th centuries The Muromachi period
  • Being able to summon a baku to prevent or end a nightmare has been in many cultures and time
  • Talismans or symbols of protection for sleep are commonly used
  • Still used today as chimera or tapir


Modern use

  • Baku is shown in a form that represents a tapir
  • In 1984, Oshii Mamoru’s animated film, ‘Beautiful Dreamer’, shows a baku as a tapir
  • Baku took on a tapir-like form in Pokemon in the Drowzee/ Hypno and Munna/ Musharna
  • Digimon also has a character called Bakumon or Tapirmon, that bears similarity to the baku