Burn the world. Burn it all.


Dragon art on Rocket Launcher


  • Placing personalized decorations on fighting aircraft began with German and Italian pilots. It was done against strict protocols during wartime to diffuse the tension of probable death and is now considered folk art.
  • The first recorded piece of nose art was a sea monster painted on an Italian Flying Boat in 1913.
  • Followed after was the popular painting of a mouth beneath the prop, started by German pilots WWII.

Nose art was produced by the aircraft ground crews.

  • Most famously is the Hell’s Angels, the 3rd Squadron of the 1st American Volunteer Group called “Flying Tigers”

Expanded info:

Burn the world

  • Expression to destroy in opposition to consequence “nihilistic”


  • Sea monster: Marine monster of many forms, Sea Dragons, Sea Serpents etc..
  • Historically the Colossal Squid was known as a Sea Monster. It’s original depiction was described with great detail and now thought to have inspired many of the imagries found throughout folklore tales
  • Has similarities to the Halo flamethrower