Ceres Galliot

Long-range ships designed to patrol the Reef and beyond.



  • Closest of the five identified dwarf planets, the only asteroid that is a dwarf planet


  • Roman goddess of agriculture
  • She was in rule of growth and marriage
  • Appears In Shakespeare’s The Tempest

Galiot, galliot or galiote

  • Small galley boat propelled by sail or oars
  • There are three different types of naval galiots that sailed on different seas
  • Type 1: ship with oars, also known as a half-galley, later it evolved into a ship with sails and oars
  • Type 2: Trade ship, similar to a ketch, with a rounded fore and had nearly flat bottoms to sail in shallow waters for coastal travel
  • Type 3: Naval warship that might have two masts with lateen sails and a bank of oars
  • Warships of these type could carry between two and ten cannons of small caliber, and between 50 and 150 men



Expanded info:

A galiote was a type of French flat-bottom river boat or barge and also a flat-bottomed boat with a simple sail for transporting wine