Ibn Battuta

  • Legendary traveler/explorer
    One of the greatest odyssey’s three times the distance of Marco Polo’s
  • Turned mystic, scholar, and warrior thoughout his 30 yr travels over 75,000 miles
  • Started as a pilgrimage to Mecca and ended as a trip across the entire known world. He traveled over 40 countries


  • Wrote about witnessing the magic trick nicknamed years later as “The Rope to Heaven” boy climbs rope suspended in air conjured by a musician

Expanded info:


  • “Travel! Set out and head for pastures new,

    Life tastes the richer when you’ve road-worn feet,

    No water that stagnates is fit to drink,

    For only that which flows is truly sweet,

    No lion that spurned the hunt could catch its prey,

    No arrow unreleased could earn a score,”
    -Quraishi mujtahid, asy-Syafi’i