Achlyophage Symbiote

“They told me it would eat my thoughts and leave me full of Light.”



  • Achlys:Mist of Death covers eyes just before eternal Darkness
  • Physical representation resembles a thrall with long nails, devious grim, and dust on shoulders
  • May be daughter of Nyx
  • Hera angry with the guardians of Bromios. She procured from Thessalian “Akhlys” treacherous flowers of the field and shed a sleep of enchantment over their heads


  • Akhlys pertains to plant life
    Phage “To eat”
  • Phage is related to host eating bacteria and viruses

Expanded info:

  • Said to be he personification of misery and sadness,
  • Heracles shield shows her as pale, emaciated, weeping, with chattering teeth, swollen knees, long nails on her fingers, bloody cheeks, and her shoulders thickly covered with dust.
  • She may also have been the goddess of deadly poisons.



“And beside them [the Keres (Deaths) and the Moirai (Fates) on the battlefield] was standing Akhlys (Achlys), dismal and dejected, green and pale, dirty-dry, fallen in on herself with hunger, knee-swollen, and the nails were grown long on her hands, and from her nostrils the drip kept running, and off her cheeks the blood dribbled to the ground, and she stood there, grinning forever, and the dust that had gathered and lay in heaps on her shoulders was muddy with tears.”