Boolean Gemini

Fight your way!




  • In most computer programming it’s the data type with only two possible values such as true or false
  • Algebraic variables means “2 possible outcomes”


  • Zodiac sign represents the twins.

Expanded info:

Flavor text is a play on words

“Fight your way” the gun has two perks you can choose from (one way or another) to pick one of the perks

  • One Way: grants Agility bonus following a precision stacks three times
  • Or Another: grants Armor on body shot kills stacks three times


  • Boolean Gemini, was originally named “347 Vesta Dynasty”, The gun existed in within the Destiny game files since the release of The Dark Below, and possibly earlier, but was not accessible. It was later named in the House of Wolves expansion
  • The original perk names were David and Goliath

The Vestian dynasty

  • Mysterious group “The Vestians” get their name from the minor planet 4 Vesta, the second largest body in the Asteroid Belt and, at roughly 326 miles in diameter, is one of the largest asteroids in the Solar System
  • The Vestian family of Asteroids, a cluster of some 235 core bodies with thousands of smaller members are designated as “V-type asteroids” or “vestoids”, which are the result of two separate impacts on 4 Vesta’s southern hemisphere approximately 1 and 2 billion years ago

The Queens Vestian Outpost is located near one of the vestoids and is linked to the Vestian Dynasty in some mysterious way

The Vestian Guard

  • A unit of the Reef’s Royal Armada responsible for patrolling and defending the Reef’s borders against incursion