0A0X Nightmask

  1. Crucible variant. Fieldwire density and peak rise exceeds safe long-term standards.
  2. Crucible variant. Cut down and regraphed for agility.
  3. Crucible variant. Custom sensorium by the buffalo_SOLDAT working group.
  4. Crucible variant. Kinematics profiled for rapid flat-to-flight movement.


Soldat=Soldier flavor text

  • Buffalo Soldier:¬†African-American soldier serving in the western U.S. after the Civil War
  • Legend has it the Native Americans named them because their hair was similar to a Buffalo’s pelt
  • Their duties were settling railroad disputes, building telegraph lines, repairing and building forts, helping settlers find homes and protecting them from Native American attacks
  • The term eventually became synonymous with all of the African American regiments formed in 1866


  • Hexadecimal syntax. Binary cryptography language in computers
  • Mask worn at night


  • Branch of mechanics concerned with the motion of objects without reference to the forces that cause the motion.

Expanded info:

  • Buffalo Soldier a reggae song written by Bob Marley and Noel King Sporty Williams